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Years ago, when I was first honing my craft as a winemaker, I would work long days in the winery and nights as a sommelier. Sometimes customers would notice the indelible dark-purple wine stains on my fingers. In time, these stains became a source of pride and a testament to my love of the grape and the many intense (but always inspiring) hours spent perfecting my approach to winemaking. To customers, these “Sommelier Prints” were my mark of authenticity—a symbol of how much I cared about the wines I was serving.

At Leo Steen Wines, my sommelier print continues to serve as my mark of authenticity. It is my way of saying that my hand touches every vine and every barrel.  I work with unique and expressive varietals like Syrah, Chenin Blanc, Carignane and Petite Sirah, from equally distinctive vineyards. From these vineyards and vines, I make small lots of wine in an honest, food-friendly style that embodies my journey as a winemaker and my belief in the simple joy that can be found in a well-made glass of wine.